Friday, December 19, 2008

What is Advantage Played?

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Emo Update
Hey ya’ll. Today I’m going to go all whiny and emo on you and talk about myself and this blog instead of going on about soccer news like supplemental drafts and Peter Crouch and Generation Adidas Players. What exactly is Advantage Played all about? What am I trying to do here, what is my purpose in blog life? How do I fit in with all 'dem other blogs out there?

The Answers to My Own Questions
I started Advantage Played about three weeks ago because I love soccer and I love writing. I figured I had some free time on my hand (even though I’m in graduate school) and might as well spend it writing about soccer.

I started Advantage Played with a review of the MLS '08 season because it gave me something stable to fill in a week or two. It went OK. I tried to include lots of videos. I’m not sure Advantage Played will ever be about straight news.

What Advantage Played Is Not

Well it’s not a straight news site. Everyone else has got that shit covered. And it’s not like The Offside Rules because I’m not about posting single pictures or videos. So where does that leave me?

What Advantage Played Is
Advantage Played is about media and writing combined. I think without doubt the best articles I’ve done so far is my interview with Ruud Gullit and yesterday’s piece on Fabio Capello’s favorite art. I promise to include pictures with every update, videos when possible, and a seeqpod playlist when there are no videos in the update.

So what is Advantage Played? It’s a satire, humorous, informative, and in depth blog that is media heavy. And it’s only updated three times a week. Sue me. I know some blogs updated several times a day but each of my updates (except this one) take a couple hours to put together.

Besides just humor and satire I hope to publish a series of interviews with college soccer players soon. I’ll take you inside the world of college soccer and look at young American players who are moving unnoticed through the system.

What Do You Want?
And then it also comes back to you. I know there are people reading this (thanks Google Analytics). What do you want to see more of? What have you enjoyed so far? Please email me at

Oh ya I update my Twitter feed a couple times every day and link to Match of the Day torrents on the weekends. So follow me because I’m cool.

Christmas Updates
You’ll get a Monday update about God knows what. Probably a Wednesday update too but it’s going to get sporadic after that. I'll be back to regular posting for sure by the 5th of January.

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