Sunday, May 10, 2009

Running Away With It: CD Chivas USA

Another weekend of games gone by, another group of mixed results for most Major League Soccer teams. This weekend (8th – 10th) saw three ties that held leaders and the teams chasing the leaders in place.

DC 3 Toronto 3

New England 1 Chicago 1

LA Galaxy 1 Seatle 1

A round of Wednesday games saw two more ties. While DC United held onto the top of the East and KC decided they would rather muck around in mediocrity than step to the top, both teams could not muster the quality to grab the season around the neck and throttle it.

Despite Real Salt Lakes earlier demolishing of New England, it is obvious they still have a lot of room for growth. RSL is one of my favorite teams to watch. Jason Kries has gathered a diverse and likable group of players who play a fun and attractive style of football. However, they cannot find the key to footballing success, consistency.

Consistency with Consistent Injuries
chivas USA
There is only one team so far this season who has embraced consistency, even in the face of adversity. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a paradigm shift in progress. Despite injuries to key personal that could have been used as an excuse for failure, Chivas USA threatens to run away with the Supporter’s Shield before the season has even really started.

But Graham you say, isn’t it way to early in the season to say that? There are so many games to play, drama that is bound to unfold, and 100 degree surfaces still to play on. Of course you are right, but Chivas is setting up to go where no Major League Soccer team has gone before.

An Unlikely Hero in Goal
snack attack
I admit it. I’ve asked “Snack” Zach Thorton if he remembered to wear his training bra to a Wizard’s game. But Zach has answered my questions with a display of skill and guile that I did not see coming. He lost 15 - 20 lbs during the off season, is training in crazy new ways, has come out of the gates fit, lean, mean, and playing in a way I never believed he could.

With six shutouts, Zach is leading Chivas to the top. He has kept Chivas 5-0 at home. Best of all, he has only allowed three goals in the first nine games, a league record.

Preki: He Knows What He’s Doing
I previously featured an article on Preki in which I praised his past and his future. He’s not letting me down. Preki has been in Major League Soccer for a long time and he understand how to work within the system. Preki succeeds where coaches like John Carver fail.

I love watching Chivas play. They have a team filled with young, smart sharp shooters. As they win, they build up MLS in the eyes of Hispanic soccer fans. Their success is good for everyone (except when you play them).

Now if only Kljestan hadn’t grown a molester mustache.
Yes that's totally Kljestan and not an image search results for molester mustache

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