Monday, February 23, 2009

Legends of MLS: Preki

Come with me on a magical journey across time and space as we learn and watch videos about Preki. He came from a foreign land and brought happiness, trophies, and great coaching to Major League Soccer.

Preki Is Born
Preki was born in Belgrade. Amidst the old world architecture he lived and dreamed of football. As a young man he started out brilliantly, playing for Red Star Belgrade and dreaming of moving on to bigger and better things.

Even though he was with Red Star when they won a championship, Preki was eager to move out of the country and find a better financial opportunity.

To Major Indoor Soccer League
So when the opportunity came for Preki to go to MISL he jumped at the chance. Preki arrived in America with a few articles of clothing and almost no money but went on to spend seven season playing in MISL. He spent time with both the Tacoma Stars and the St. Louis Storm and, amazingly, was named MVP every single season in the league. Preki will always be a legend of MISL, scoring 332 goals and 332 assists.

Off to England
At 29, Preki had had enough of indoor American soccer and took his considerable talents with him back across the Ocean to England. At Everton, Preki was played wide left, not his usual position. After 46 appearances and five goals for Everton, Preki moved to Portsmouth where he spent a season, scoring 5 goals in 40 games.

Back to MLS
After his time in England, Preki returned to MLS where he dominated. He became an eight-time all-star, two-time MLS Most Valuable Player (including 2003 at the age of 40) and two-time MLS Golden Boot winner. Perhaps most memorable was the 2000 season when he guided the Wizards to a MLS Championship.

While in MLS he destroyed building by wearing rainbows and kicking a ball

Into Coaching
Now, Preki stands at the helm of Chivas USA. In 2006 he was an assistant coach to Bob Bradley, so when Bradley got the National Team call Preki stood up and stood firm. He guided his 2007 team to a conference championship and claimed the 2007 Coach of the Year Award.

National Team
Oh ya he played with the US National Team too.

A second better angle (thanks Szazzy)


szazzy said...

The Preki goal against Brazil can be seen from multiple angles here. The 2nd camera angle shows just how great that goal was.

Preki Goal

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Thanks man, updated with the better video.