Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three Questions for Seattle and New York

The birds are singing and eating worms, disc golfers are back on the course, spring soccer practices are starting, and the first game of the 2009 Major League Soccer season opens tomorrow with Seattle vs New York at 8pm central standard time on ESPN2.

I’ll be tuned into the game, I’m ready to get back into all the MLS action. I started this blog just as the 2008 season ended so I am excited for the storylines that will unfold and I will get to cover as the season progresses.

Ahead of tomorrow’s game I’m doing that old blogger favorite, the three questions. Why three? I guess two seems lazy and four is way too much work.

Three Questions for Seattle

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Will Sigi continue wearing scarves?
Rain, shine, sleet, rainbows, hail, or beer showers, Sigi wore his bring yellow Columbus scarf to every game last season. Like a lighthouse, he warned passing ships of eminent danger. What will he wear at Seattle? Will he continue with the scarf? I am for a change in look. How about a hat, or a nice beanie?

Will Fredy Montero produce in the regular season?
Fredy had been outstanding in preseason. Goals have been coming in torrents. His South American flair has been dazzling defenses where ever Seattle has traveled. The real question is will he continue to score when defenses get a solid look at him. Can he adapt when double teamed or he is pressured high every time he touches the ball. If he can he will make his mark on Major League Soccer.

What will Seattle fans throws when the first goal is scored?
Everyone remembers when Toronto FC scored their first goal. Now I am not a TFC fan. But when those seat cushions rained down after the clubs first goals I jumped out of my chair and cheered. It was a heartwarming display of enthusiasm.

Seattle needs an equally memorable moment. Maybe they will hand out CDs. Those would only slice up a couple of players in the ensuing celebration.

Three Questions for New York
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Will Osorio’s tactical bookwork pay off again?
I love Osorio because he is a student of the game. Osorio doesn’t just carry around a clipboard and a few notes. He writes constantly during each game, and when he travels he takes a library with him. My favorite story is how he got a room above Manchester United practice pitch and studied them every day for over a year.

Osorio’s studies paid off in full last year with a surprise run to the final. Will he emulate his previous success this year? If so, score one for the ivory tower.

Will Angel continue to be class?
Angel is the anchor of New York. Game after game he works hard, passes well, reads the game with remarkable clarity, and scores great goals. If Angel stays healthy and continues with his always positive attitude he will lead New York far. Conversely, if Angel falls, how will New York respond? The young guns like Macoumba Kandji and Matthew Mbuta need to respond and put in strong performances they provided in the United Soccer Leagues.

Will John Wolyniec score more than one goal this season?
John, John, John, you art a mystery to me. All last season I saw your run the pitch. You provided good passes, you were a hardworking option up front. Osorio continued to put faith in you. Yet the goals would not come. Wolyniec needs to have a strong season, not only for New York’s cause, but for his own career.

Upcoming Soccer in America Interviews
More interviews with MLS players are on their way! Check back next week for my newest installment.

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