Monday, March 16, 2009

The Home Slices

Spending time on the internet blogging about soccer leads you down some strange alleyways. As you search for interesting stories you stumbling across soccer blogs focused on soccer that aren’t necessarily the most popular, but are unique and interesting. I’m compiling a list of my favorites as I go. You can find them all on The Home Slices bit on the right column.

Today I’m going to point out a few that you should be reading too. Please leave your favorite unique blogs in the comments.

Jenny From the Block
Nordecke Luchador
Nordecke Luchador
Who: The Luchador always wears and mask to hide his true identity. He is a mysterious man of legend and wrestling.
Why: Nordecke Luchador always has great, thoughtful insight into the Columbus Crew. He’ll go through the stats and dig out great reports. He also has music and a good layout which makes him dear to my heart.

From A Left Wing
Who: Jennifer Doyle is an Associate Professor who teaches American Literature, Visual Culture, Gender Studies, and Critical Theory at the Universtiy of California, Riverside.
Why: Doyle explores the world of soccer from a side we don’t usually don’t think about, or perhaps we don’t think about it enough. Doyle examines gender issues in soccer like no one else.

Kick the Balls

Who: Alan Black is the author of Kick the Balls a book about the rough game of soccer.
Why: Alan is funny and clever in his short posts. And he writes about jelly doughnuts being thrown at the pitch.

Who: Crewture is the guy who thought up the name Nordecke. And some other people.
Why: Because they love the Crew? Crewture regularly updates all things Crew, bringing video, humor, pictures, and the humor.

Wait 'Til We Get to the Hills

1906 ultras
Who: The 1906 Ultras, a San Jose supporters group.
Why: The 1906 Ultras is a unique and organized supporters group. They have a regularly updated blog, forums, pictures, and videos. You can really get a unique behind the scenes perspective from reading Wait ‘Til We Get to the Hills.

O Jogo Feio
Who: Steve Malbasa, a teacher in Ohio who loves soccer and his kids.
Why: Steve mostly write about Fulham. His honest posts put an American spin on the English game and occasionally he writes about American soccer.

You’re Favorites
What should we all be reading? Let me and all thepeople who read this blog know in the comments.

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