Friday, December 5, 2008

The Wayback Machine Part 3

Google Reader
Google Reader is one of those great boons to blog readers everywhere. It makes it easy to read and keep updated on blogs like Advantage Played without having to constantly hit F5. A new update came out for it today making us feel all shinny inside.

Google Reader does have its dark side though. Today I received an unmarked envelop with a message inside written in blood: “If I see you let up, even one little bit, I'll kick your ass out of my google reader so fast it'll make your head spin.”

MLS 2008: A Year in Review (July and August)
We are back and ever charging forward. July and August were full of heat and excitement. There were important trades as well as some great firings including the canning of sexy in football and the replacement of old and ugly.

Top News
-Schelotto is not included in the All Star Game
-Beckham lead the All-Stars to a win and then pretty much packs it in for the rest of the season
-Blanco took LSD before a game and started a fist fight with DC United
-Real Salt Lake start to pick up some steam
-Gallardo has to have surgery
-The Revolution take down a crazy person on their plane

Signing and Transfers (and one retirement)
-The whole Brian McBride thing gets sorted out
-Red Bulls sign Jorge Rojas and Juan Pietravallo
-San Jose sign Darren Huckerby who starts to turn things around
-Brad Guzan goes to Aston Villa for 1.5 million
-Claudio Reyna retires to cheers from Red Bulls fans

July 4th
-New York vs. Colorado: COL 4, NY 0
Red Bulls lose to Colorado and hit a low point in the season after just having lost to a USL2 team.

July 17th
-Kansas City vs. Columbus: KC 3, CLB 3
Schelotto really starts to come into fine form against the Wizards and helps complete an amazing comeback.

July 24th
-West Ham United vs. MLS All-Stars: MLS 3, WHU 2
Angry Toronto fans try and hold a self righteous strike/demonstration about great goals being scored in their stadium

July 27th
L A Galaxy vs. FC Dallas: DAL 4, LA 0
Dallas’ new coach destroys the Galaxy to revenge the earlier loss and show Morrow how it’s done.

Advantage Played: The Best and the Worse
Feeling the Best:
-Real Salt Lake: “Maybe we can do this! Our defense and Morales rock!”
Feeling the Worst:
-Red Bulls: “Well that’s five games without winning, I’m sure we will make a run to the MLS Cup final.”
-LA Galaxy: “Beckham? Guillit? Save us!

Top News
-Galaxy fail to win in August
-New England wins SuperLiga and then try to share the money
-The Western Conference sucks

Signings and Transfers
-Thorton goes to Chivas and become the starting goal keeper
-Noonan is traded to the Crew
-Jeff Cunningham is traded to Dallas and starts scoring
-Arena is named Galaxy head coach and tasked with rolling a huge rock up an impossible incline
-Carlos Ruiz goes to Toronto FC and proceeds to do nothing
-Michael Bradley moved to the Bundesliga

-The clueless and worthless Ruud Gullit is out, the soccer world knew it was going to happen when he put his house up on the market
-Also we said goodbye to Alexi Lalas, some very happily
-Goodbye and good riddance to Clavijo (though he did bring a lot of talent into the league)

August 3rd
-LA Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes SJ 3, LA 2
After this game heads were about to roll in Lala Land.

August 9th
-Chivas USA vs. Kansas City: KC 3, CHV 2
Kansas City desperately hold on for a win and pick up much needed points.

August 16th
-New England vs. San Jose: SJ 4, NE 0
San Jose starts to pick up steam powered by Darren Huckerby.
Watch New England vs. San Jose

August 24th
Houston vs. New York: NY 3, HOU 0
New York win’s their third in a row and gives Soccer by Ives a hard-on.

Advantage Played: The Best and the Worse
Feeling the Best:
-Columbus Crew: “Bow down to Schelotto.”
Feeling the Worst:
-LA Galaxy: “I thought that when Gullit didn’t go the draft at the start of the season it was a positive sign!”

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