Friday, April 2, 2010

This Weekend in Major League Soccer Soccer

The second week of Major League Soccer is arriving, and it's just in time. The first week, for me, basically consisted of an incredible tailgate in the dirt parking lot by the Wizard's stadium.

The wind blew, it poured down rain, but about 15 people chugged summer brew out of a cooler and roasted random food on my awesome little gas grill. I really don't remember a whole lot about the game other than that I saw Bruce from duNord before the game, the Wizard's won, my stupid blue felt cowboy hat turned out to have a practical function (rain defense), and Jimmy Neilson was eager to clap to the crowd.

It was odd to go back and watch the game afterward. Everyone claims the Wizard's totally dominated DC, but DC had some incredibly bad pretty much open net misses plus a super clear penalty waived aside. With two bits of luck, the game could have been incredibly different.

Of course, the same could be said about any game of soccer. "Should have", "could have". But they didn't the Wizards fan cries.

Beating a team with too many "should haves" and "could haves" can signal false hope. I'm not ready to say the Wizards are going to be awesome yet.


A lot of my attention for the first week was captured by the absolutely horrible release of Major League Soccer Soccer dot Com. It took me awhile to realize they had switched because they forgot to make the url redirect to the new site.

Every designer and coder who follows MLS is living off the buzz of critiquing a major failure with their web designing twitter friends.

However, one man summed it all up with a beat down of epic proportions: Fake Sigi road his giant gut to the rescue with some incredible research.

You'd better read The MLS Website Disaster or Fake Sigi himself will beat you over the head with 404 errors.


In other blogging news, I'm back. This time I'll make no promises about how often I post. I will continue my favorite format of research, music, pictures, and humor.

If my blog posts make Adam Spangler shed a single tear, mission accomplished.

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