Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet: American Soccer Stars on Twitter

Thanks Sean!

My Twitter evolution is gradual and slow. While most people manage to grab hundreds of followers by following random morons and being awesome people I’ve probably been way too cautions. I first followed the blogs I liked, and then when I felt like blogs were just a big dick contest I tried to just follow the people who didn’t have blogs and just followed me because they probably liked my blog. Lately I realized the best reason of all to use Twitter.

Following the Soccer Stars
Tweet Tweet
For some idiotic reason I’ve spaced up till now probably the best reason to use Twitter. Following the MLS stars I care about. I started by finding a few and then going through all their friends. Because the MLS players generally only friend each other, family, and strippers it’s a good way to track them all down.

Below is my list of all the MLS players and National Team players I’ve found on Twitter so far. Feel free to add the ones you know in the comments.

MLS and Soccer on Twitter
Fail Whale

Aston Villa
Brad Guzan @bguzan

Freddy Adu @FredduAdu11

Jozy Altidore @JozyAltidore17

Charlie Davies @CharlieDavies10

Maurice Adu @MauriceEdu

Joseph Ngwenya @jngwenya


FC Dallas
Bobby Rhine @RamblinRhino

Chivas USA
Dan Kennedy @1DanKennedy

Sacha Kljestan @SachaKljestan

Robbie Rogers @robbierogers

Kansas City
Jimmy Conrad @JimmyConrad

Kie Kamara @keikamara

Paul Dalglish @pauldalglish

Brian Ching @brianching

Bobby Boswell @littlebobby

Stuart Holden @stuholden22

Danny Cruz @Cruz05 US Soccer Profile

DC United
Bryan Namoff @NAMOFF

Twitter Suspended
What does this list tell us? Someone in Houston really liked Twitter and passed it on. Probabyl Stuart Holden.That was a lot of copying and pasting. Enjoy!

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