Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's Happened To Advantage Played?

Hey everyone (well those still reading). I'm here to give you a short State of Advantage played.

In the past, the skies were full of magic and wonder. Every day I would update with glorious tales of football and the heros and villians that ran the pitches. Then the skies grew dark. Lightning flashed. Updates came less frequently. Where has Graham and our frequent updates gone? Will he ever return?

Yes its all too true I'm not updating as much recently. But it's a good sacrifice and I still believe I will be back to updating very frequently. Recently I:
  • Got a professional full time job
  • Move to Kansas City
  • Got engaged
  • Had a death in the family
  • And I'm getting married at the end of this month
As you can imagine, its severly cutting down on the time and energy I once had to update. Not all is lost though. The sky will clear, and I will decend again in a glorious rain of gold. Post will flow like the cash out of Eddie Johnson's pockets.

I shall return to my frequent posting ways. Really.

1 comment:

The World Wakes Up said...

Don't worry Graham, I'm still here and reading. If lots of changes means that there is not a complete lack of posts than I am still content!