Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brazil vs USA: Salary Version

With two losses in three days and seven goals scored against its no surprise to find message boards full angry American fans. As they passionately call for Bob Bradley’s sacking and kicking Beasley off the team (I can go for that one) we see the true passion and reactions that football causes. In my head I knew that the US was probably going to lose but I still expect the USA to beat the world. Italy and Brazil may be giants, but we are the USA.

As I thought about the Brazil’s win, I started to think about comparing the salary of US players to Brazilian players.

Just how much is the US National Team worth and how much is Brazil worth?

Adding It Up
Because football is a business, and because the market value of each player is one way to measure quality, I decided to look at the fiscal worth of each player. How far behind is the USA financially?

USA v Brazil
Donovan 900k----------Altidore-10 mill----------Dempsey 4 mill


----------Beasley-1.4 mill----------Bradley-4.4 mill-----------

Bornstein-90k--Onyewu-3-4 mill----DeMerit-3-4 mill?----Spector 500k

--------------------Howard—5-10 mill?-------------------

Combined Squad Worth: 40 Million

--------Robinho-57.5 mill-----Fabiano-40 mill-----------

-----Kaka-91.5 mill-----------------Ramires—10.4 mill----

---------Gilberto-7.3 mill----Felipe—11.1 mill------------

Santos-??---Lucio-12 mill----Miranda-??----Maicon 12 mill

--------------Julio Cesar??------------------

Combined Squad Worth: 250 Million +

That’s a lot of Money
Brazil national team fan with flag
With 250 million, the Brazil’s National Team could buy the US 6.25 times over. Three Brazilian players make as much as the whole US squad. Combined, Robinho, Fabiano, and Kaka make 189 million, almost 5 times as much as the US squad.

What does that tell us? The market sure thinks Brazil is better than the USA.

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