Monday, April 6, 2009

What We Know So Far: Fredy Montero’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

This past week it came to light that sexual assault charges have been filed against Fredy Montero by a female in the greater Seattle area. I’m not going to include music or video today, that’s too lighthearted. I’m just going to give the facts.

What We Know

Here is what we know so far. This information comes from an April 2nd report:
  • On April 2nd the police began investigating when a woman said Montero was stalking her
  • She reported that he had sexually assaulted her on the 22nd
  • Police declined to confirm if Montero is under investigation
  • No charges filed
  • No bookings
April 3rd brought new information :
  • The word rape is first used
  • There were two alleged dates, the 15th and the 23rd
  • When the woman saw Montero he was with his host family returning from a high-school soccer game
  • Montero had been under investigation before the stalking complaint
I’m not going to make a judgment. We don’t know all the details. No charges have yet to be filed against Montero.

According to Montero’s agent Montero fell into a trap when he rejected a woman who randomly showed up at his apartment for a sexual tryst.

News Articles

Wednesday brings a lighter note unless you are a Columbus fan. I’ll tell you what and why is going wrong with the Crew.

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The World Wakes Up said...

Hopefully, Freddy is not guilty, that would really be a downer for MLS. However, at least I can celebrate a wizards victory!