Sunday, April 12, 2009

Power Rank This

Power Rankings: A Call for Responsibility
mlsnet staff
The MLSnet Power Ranking Team

What do all Major League Soccer blogs (even have in common? Power rankings. You’ll find them everywhere. Hell it’s fun to make a list. Put teams in order depending on Power. But what exactly is a power ranking? What exactly is power? It could be:
  • A list of Power
  • A list of longevity
  • Teams with the most points
  • Teams with the most potential
  • Teams with the best players
  • Whatever the hell Ives want it to mean
All of the Above
Ives hard at work on his Power Rankings

Really a power ranking is all of the above. Most of all it’s an arbitrary ranking of teams for fun. It’s hard to take any power ranking seriously because they are put together based on bias and personal opinion. Which Power Rankings are the most accurate? It’s hard to tell.

Is there some kind of secret formula? If there is it’s based on the same formula that turns any metal to gold. The middle ages brought us the same formula that powers the Power Rankings.

You want me to take your rankings seriously? Let’s see some transparency. Tell me who your favorite team is and how it figures into your list. Give me your formula. I want to see your rubric.

That’s right, the favorite tool of teachers everywhere can apply to Power Rankings.

A Proposed Rubric
To prove I’m not all bluster and fire with no talk to back it up I’ve developed my very own rubric and point system that is will provide the ultimate Power Ranking. Use as follows:
  • Points earned is starting number
  • +1-7 points for conference ranking
  • +10 points for community shield leader
  • +2 points for every win in a row
  • +1 point for every shutout
  • -2 for every loss in a row
  • -1 for each tie in a row
  • +50 for your favorite team
There. A fool proof Power Ranking system. Go forth bloggers and put my incredible system into use.

Or at the very least, tell me your formula.

1 comment:

Jason Davis said...

I avoid power rankings for the very reasons you mention; they're arbitrary and pointless.

Fun? Sure. But I haven't ever felt the need to foist my opinions of who's good and who's not on people, especially this early in the season.