Monday, April 20, 2009

Five Weeks In: Five Questions Answered

Welcome back ya’ll, I’m still here and updating, I promise to get back on a regular schedule very soon. Big new over on the du Nordfront, Brucio is re-opened for business. That is great news all around. Now we will see some sort of competition between MLS Daily and du Nord. Should be interesting to see how that plays out. Hopefully they will work together for the greater good.

Five Answers
Will Gary Smith Improve Colorado?
Gary Smith
Perhaps this question should be: how could Gary Smith not improve Colorado? Gary has everything going for him. He has put in place a system that rights all the wrongs Fernando Clavijo put in place.

Horrible tales were told while Clavijo coached. Absolutely no scouting other teams before they played. Practices with no structure, just open games. Little communication between teammates and the coach. Supporter groups held down and kicked out of the stadium. From the moment Gary took over new air flowed into Colorado. Order was restored, a up and coming coach was getting his chance, and the players were behind him.

A run towards the playoffs resulted and this season Colorado is off to a strong start.

Will the Wizard’s young players produce?

Roger Espinoza Kills
Kansas City’s 09 team is loaded with young players. And unlike some teams in the league, they are getting minutes, Besler, Kraus, Espinoza, and other young stars are expected to step up and fill the gaps. Curt Onalfo is building for the future. He needs his young quick agile players to quickly move into the ebb and flow of his system.

So far it has been a success. The Wizards got off to a rough start losing their first two games (not for a lack of scoring though) and then proceeded to go 2-1-0. Last week saw a jaw dropping come from behind victory at Chicago. When I was leaping through the air in my living room that tie sure felt like a win.

Will Fredy Montero be convicted of rape?

Fredy Montero
Earlier I reported on Fredy Montero’s rape charge and I am happy to report that all charges have been dropped due to lack of corroborative evidence. Fredy is safe, Seattle can continue to be proud of their nineteen year old star, and the league breathes a sigh of relief as their new model franchise goes unblemished.

Will’s streaming service be any better?

Video Streaming magic
Yes this is perfect representation of video streaming

I really wish I could say yes to this. I really really, really do. I am a huge fan of Major League Soccer’s media distribution model. They realize that letting their fans see almost every game is a win. They have embraced web 2.0 like no other soccer league in the world. While the Premier League actively tries to stop fans from watching online video, and on their site, provide zero video.

But MLSnet’s streaming service still has large problems. The Wizards game against Seattle that thousands were counting on failed horribly and no one knew why. No details that I am aware of where ever reported.

MLSnet, you need to at least provide a layer of transparency. I know that working with tech and streaming services can be hard and prone to problems, but at least let fans know what is going on. Provide updates on your front page instead of just removing the “Watch Live” links. Send out update emails about current problems. You will find much more forgiveness if you communicate with your paying customers.

How will the economy influence league attendance?

dolla dolla bill
Is Major League Soccer free from the horrible economy? Unfortunately the answer is no. Attendance has been low for the first five weeks, and excuses have been forthcoming. Horrible weather, everyone had the flu, Giants stadium sucks, and your mom. But even with two huge outliers in Seattle and Toronto the attendance is down a bit. Obama, send a stimulus to Major League Soccer.

Now go take care of 4/20.

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