Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It’s On! USA Beats Mexico 2-0

I know I don’t usually do up to the minute reporting but since the game today was on Wednesday and I update on Wednesdays I decided to combine the two into a post game report.

I’ll run you through the highlights, give out some ratings, and generally celebrate the hard fought victory. Watch the video for the quick and dirty but still, read for the best points and check out the awards at the end.

Minute by Minute Run Down

Da’ Line Up
Hedjuk -- Bocanegra -- Onyewu -- Pearce
Beasley -- Kljestan (Clark 86') -- Dempsey
Ching (Altidore 83')

I don’t have much beer for this game, just two Calamatoes, but that’s ok, they are still delicious!

First Half
1’: A good attacking start, the USA moves the ball downfield quickly but Beasley makes a bad cross
3’: Mexico has their most dangerous attack of the game. It should have been 1-0 if not for a great save by Howard
5’: Hedjuk is making a great start but the US gives up a dangerous free kick on the edge of the box
8’: The weather is really coming into play, the rain is making the play fast and dangerous
10’: Great tackling by Bradley on the edge of the box, SBI banner is show for like 5 seconds!
14’: The US is not pressuring high, they are allowing Mexico to move the ball around a little
21’: Ching wins a free kick on the edge of Mexico’s box!
22’: And Donovan takes the free kick, he almost catches the keeper cheating
24’: Dempsey applies good attacking pressure, the American’s are showing how strong they are
27’: That’s one Clamatoe beer down!
28’: Nervous moments as Gooch misplays the ball in the box
36’: It’s not all US attack, the Mexican team strings together a fluid attack that results in a big save by Tim Howard
40’: Bocanegra gives up a big foul on the edge of the US box
40’: But Time Howard makes an easy save
42’: Hejduk wins a corner
43’: GOAAAAL Bradley! Beasley hits a long, looping corner that looks like it’s going astray. Not so, Donovan ghost in at the back corner and heads it back into the box for Gooch. Bradley ends up on the end of the blocked ball and slams it into the goal over the keepers desperate reach. Bradley and Beasley celebrate with the crowd in the corner.

The US and Mexico put in a great performance in the first half. Although they both battled hard you have to give the advantage to the US. Even without the goal they fought and played hard, effectively eliminating most of Mexico’s scoring chances. Hejduk, Beasley, and Bradley are the first half stand outs.

2nd Half
51’: The US attack shows up again, Donovan hits a soft header right at the keeper. Still it’s positive play
53’: In an exciting sequence, Kljestan drives forward into the box, fights through tackles, and plays a short pass into the box that right behind an attacker. It would have been beautiful if it had worked.
56’: Donovan is doing well but he’s not playing out of his skin. Still it’s a team effort and the US is showing quality
57’: Clamatoe beers go down as smooth as Beasley’s crosses
61’: Kljestan keeps up the attack and runs at the defense, he just won’t stop!
65’: Now this is a fine mess! Mexico nearly scores, the ball is driven just past the corner and when it is crossed in again Howard goes up and challenges Rafael Marquez for the ball, but Marques stick a boot into Howard during the challenge. Marquez gets an immediate red card and Howard gets a yellow. I’m still not sure what Howard got the yellow for. Probably for being too amazing.
70’: Up 1-0 and a man advantage the US isn’t content to sit back, they are continuing the attack
72’: Hejduk is limping from a hard challenge. He’s playing out of his skin.
76’: Beasley puts in an awful cross. It’s crazy how good and mediocre he has played
78’: Hejduk is itching to blast the ball. He gets his chance but it goes astray
83’: Altidore is in for Ching. The US fans are going crazy for Altidore. He looks like he’s gained some muscle mass since I last saw him.
86’: Clark goes in for Kljestan to shore up the defense
89’: No one is giving up. Dempsey and Donovan are still fighting hard.
92’:GOOAAALL Bradley! The icing on the cake! The foam on the beer! Bradley drives a dipping ball from distance that slips through the keepers hands.

Post Game
What a great game for US fans. The US team showed fight and spirit. They never gave up on the game and worked together. After the game many of the team tossed their jersey’s into the crowd, I wish I was there to fight for one. It’s a great day to be US fan; Mexico needs to work on their voodoo. It sucks. The only downside is Tim Howard is going to miss the next match for yellow card accumulation.

Player Awards

Man of the Match: Franky Hedjuk
Needs to Rethink the Haircut: Sacha Kljestan
The Master of Wonky Crossing: DaMarcus Beasley
Attacking is Fun: Michael Bradley
Shoot the Boot (because everyone needs to experience it once): Landon Donovan


The World Wakes Up said...

According to the post game report Howard got the yellow for holding on to the ball too long after the play. What kind of bullocks is that!

Graham said...

Come on he was injured! Oh and in case anyone is wondering, shooting the boot is the practice of taking an old soccer boot, filling it with beer, and then chugging it.