Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Drafty in Here

Music Time (My girlfriend helped pick these out)

The MLS Draft is Coming!
Well the draft is almost upon us. The Generation Adidas contracts have been signed and the draft fodder is now heading to the combine. During three days they will all play each other under the watchful eye of all fifteen MLS teams coaches and scouts. For these young men it’s got to be a time of deep anxiety. The dream of playing pro-soccer is closer to them than ever before.

Yet they still have to prove themselves after four years of success. The past seasons they have stood out above their teammates and shown their skill. Now they have to build on their previous confidence to take it to the next level.

While the rookies have to be at their best, so do the MLS scouts. Every year there are late picks that far exceed the early picks. Without the supplemental draft and reserve league those diamonds will have to be found quick and early.

If you are like me, you know what is happening in college soccer but you don’t get to see a lot of games. In this update and the next few, I’m going to do the video search for you and present you with a rich buffet of the stars of tomorrow in action (I can’t promise you will love the music that goes with the videos).

The Stars of Tomorrow Part 1

Steve Zakuani
Steve comes to us from Akron College. From 1997-2003 he played with the Arsenal Youth Team. At 6-0 170 pounds, this forward has skill and great vision. In 2008 he had 20 goals for Akron.

Omar Gonzalez
Omar comes to us from the University of Maryland. He has been named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year. At 6-5’, 206 pounds he is an imposing presence. Omar has been with the U.S. soccer residency program since 2005. He scored the goal which secured the US U-17 team a spot in the FIFA U-17 World Championship.

Omar scores the #3 goal of the 2007 season in this video (2.23 in).

Rodney Wallace
Rodney, a 5-11’ 152 pound Midfielder for the University of Maryland. A former teammate of Stephen King, he has focus and confidence that will serve him well in MLS.

Rodney scores the #8th, 7th, 2nd, and 1st best goal of Maryland’s 2007 season in this video.

Next Time on Advantage Played
I’m going to give you an even better update on the draft players. I will scour the internet and find every last video of anyone in the draft. And I do it because I love you.

Help Me!

If you know college soccer players with an interesting story who would like to be interviewed for my soccer in America series, please let me know. Email is at the top.

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