Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Advantage Played: The Great Photo Contest

Advantage Played: 1st Annual Supporters Photo Contest

This week I’m bringing you a special treat. A chance for people all over the world to see the great shots you took while supporting you team!

I will accept any photo as long as there are supporters in it. Got a great one of everyone marching into the stadium? How about doing a keg stand in the parking lot? Beer flying through the air as a goal is scored? Submit that too.

Show off how great your supporters group is. Show the world that your team’s supporters are the best.

Win Great Prizes
1st Prize: A Bumpy Pitch T-Shirt
2nd Prize: 25 dollar gift certificate to
3rd Prize: An update on Advantage Played OR pick the playlists for a week OR I will just show off your great photo

  • If you submit the shot, you took it
  • Supporting your team has something to do with the shot
  • Any MLS, USL, or college team
  • Contest will run from Jan 21st to Feb 4th
  • Submit up to five pictures
  • Submit to grahamfox[@]

Below are two pictures my girlfriend took while at games. Dig out your digital camera and turn in your best.

Feel free to photoshop and manipulate your pictures so they look great.

Everyone love supporters in action!

Next Time on Advantage Played
Is the draft a big conspiracy? I'll talk about that as well as how aliens are observing us and how daddy long legs have a poisonous bite but there little tiny jaws are just to small to break our skin.

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