Monday, December 1, 2008

The Wayback Machine Part 1

MLS 2008: A Year in Review
This past MLS season you watched hundreds of hours of MLS soccer, but how much of it do you remember? Between the beers, the hotdogs, heat, cold, and banging your head against a wall you probably don’t remember much of the season except you failed and the Crew won.

So let’s go back. Way, way back to March of 2008. The start of the season. Before you put on that extra ten pounds.

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Top March News
-Holy shit it’s a new MLS season

March 29th
-D.C. United vs Kansas City: KC 2 DC 0
Kansas City have an exciting false start. After the first game Wizard fans thought Lopez was the next coming of God and Trujilo was a brilliant signing.
Watch DC vs KC

-LA vs. Colorado: Col 4 LA 0
LA decided to showcase in their first league game what the rest of the season would be all about. Poor defending.
Watch LA vs. Colorado

Advantage Played: March’s Best and Worse
Feeling the best:
-KC Wizards: “Our new designated player is the part of a bee that is the knees!”
Feeling the worst:
-LA Galaxy: “I’m not worried. I’m sure Ruud Gullit has an ace up his sexy sleeve.”

Top April News
-Seattle will be called Seattle Sounders FC after fan vote
-Toronto FC signs Amado Guevara, brings hope to the hopeless
-John Guppy leaves Chicago Fire to the sound of cheers
-Jozy Altidore shows why he should be in Europe

-Gallardo’s incredible volley makes us think he can lead DC United to the Cup

April 5th
-Toronto vs D.C. United: DC 4, TOR 1
DC shows up and pretends to be contenders with flashes of power

April 12th
-Chivas vs.Columbus Crew: CLB 4, CHV 3
The Crew start to show what they are made of and record their first comeback win of many

-D.C. United vs. Real Salt Lake: RSL 4, DC 0
Real Salt Lake proves there are contenders. Maybe Jason Kreis knows what he is talking about?

Watch DC vs. RSL

April 26th
-Chivas vs. LA Galaxy: LA 5, CHV 2
Donovan dominates and gets a hat trick against a weak Chivas defense and Brad Guzan. Bekman and Donovan will surely be unstoppable together!

Advantage Played: March’s Best and Worse
Feeling the best:
Columbus Crew: “Suck on this Brucio!”
Feeling the worse:
Houston Dynamo: “Were deep and experienced. Really. The losses are just signs of positive things to come.”

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May and June

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