Friday, December 12, 2008

The This Just Happened Machine Part 5

MLS 08 Review: The Playoffs
This is the end. After this there will be no more MLS 08 review. I am sure you are all weeping tears of sadness and despair right now.

However, the end of the review just means that Advantage Played can now get to the really unique and interesting stories. Remember, Advantage Played is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Top News
-Playoff time bitches!

November 1st
-Chivas vs. Salt Lake: RSL 1, CHV 0
The first leg of the conference semi finals saw all the playoff teams get draws except a very exciting match in Rio Tinto Stadium. Yura Movsisyan showed up again late to pull RSL ahead in the series. With all the other games stalemates in the first leg, RSL proved to be the only real winner.


November 6th
-New England vs. Chicago: CHI 3, NE 0
The second leg brought both goals and a small bit of resolution. Chicago absolutely smashed New England once they managed to bring them home. In a dangerous game full of fouls, Jeff Larentowicz was unlucky to be the only player who sustained serious injuries. The plague of hurt and red cards that had recently swept over New England saw them lose out to the better and healthier team.

November 9th
-New York vs. Houston: NY 3, HOU 0
This game was the only real upset in the semifinals. Everyone was sure Houston would get through. They were steady. They had experience. They know how to win in the postseason. But Osorio and New York had different plans. Osorio used Dane Richards to exploit Wade Barret and engineered a incredible win at Houston.

November 13th
-Chicago vs. Columbus: CLB 2, CHI 1
Columbus really showed what they were made of in a conference championship that some writers said should be the MLS Cup match up. Chicago found themselves up a goal after Brian McBride scored a sublime header, but Columbus came out a different team in the second half, and Schelotto engineered a great comeback.


November 15
-New York vs. Salt Lake: NY 1, RSL 0
Weeks after this game I still can’t believe that Salt Lake didn’t score a goal. After Dave van de Burg scored, New York sat back and amazingly stopped Salt Lake despite immense pressure. Salt Lake’s luck was summed up in stoppage time when Morales hit the post instead of scoring.

November 23
-New York vs. Columbus: CLB 3, NY 1
What a great final. Columbus didn't need to come from behind this time and instead brushed off the New York challenge. Schelotto showed up like only he knows how to do. For in-depth coverage of the cup check out my duNord breakdown.

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